Monday, June 6, 2011

New scarfs and leather necklace

Here's my outfit of the day. I bought this tank dress online a while ago and love it very much. These new scarfs come in green and beige, they can be worn doubled or single. 
I also found a lovely feather necklace at H&M, couldn't resist to this one which is almost like a dress decoration.

Dress : 3 suisses
Belt : Isabel Marant
Clutch, bag & bracelet : Balenciaga
Necklace : H&M
Scarfs : Ethnic scarfs


  1. I love your dress - and the scarfs.. .and the bag :)
    Where can I buy the dress online?
    You look great!

  2. Thanks Hanne for your sweet comments. I bought this dress from, a french brand that is available online only. Unfortunately, they don't ship outside france.

  3. M, I'm still not able to find the perfect Bal bracelet! I can't find the right color... Did you see somtehing interesting in boutique lately? :D
    Love your B babes so much, and the necklace too!

  4. Pop colors are great looking, in paris these are almost all sold out.
    too many demands, not enough bracelets.Last time i checked there was only a praline rh tt and anthra rh tt, and pink (don't know which) rh tt.