Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trouville & Deauville

Trouville is only on the opposite side of the river or Deauville. They are almost like twin cities. Deauville is well known for its casino and its festival of cinema. Trouville is less bourgeois than Deauville, more down to earth while Deauville is like the Cannes of Normandie with luxury brand shops in beautiful typical houses : Hermès, LV, i even saw Balenciaga bags displayed at the Printemps departement store there which is also in the cute typical town houses.

Trouville above 
& now Deauville's shops, no Balenciaga shop there but i saw some at the Printemps store.

Deauville seen from Trouville

Honfleur, a small beautiful town in Normandie

This town is really lovely, the houses are too cute and have a unique style. Normandie is a beautiful region, especially around this area. Let's start with Honfleur and i'll show you Trouville & Deauville afterwards. It's the land of seafood, with great ciders made of pears and apples. Honfleur is more charming than Trouville & Deauville in my opinion. 

They have great pastry shops, all look delicious. 

Delicious seafood, fresh and not that expensive. Those crabs are my favorite.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Next season's colors of Isabel Marant's Dickers

I am so excited that there will be anthracite suede Dickers next season.

Here are the other colors that will come out next season.

 Camel, looks like Miel & Cognac from the previous seasons.

Khaki, looks like last season's taupe.

An finally taupe, looks more brownish than the previous season.