Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few BALENCIAGA gorgeousness

Not all the Balenciaga ready-to-wear collections are wearable in my opinion but they are very creative and unique for sure. Here are a few Bal pieces i adore and would love to wear.

From Fall 2011 collection, i love this graphic black and white top/dress with red pants :

 Same graphic spirit and colors from the Pre-Fall 2011 collection :

A few stunning coats from the Pre-Fall 2011 collection, love that violet retro style one and the gorgeous wallpaper background :

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Diab'less is HOT !

This tee dress from Diab'less seduced me, i love the fabric, the grey shade and the wide V neck, one of the hottest casual tee dress i've seen this season.

Monday, March 28, 2011


On GO WENT GONE part I, i didn't have time to list all the Balenciaga bags that have left my home. Here are some other Bals i ended up selling. Let's continue with small bags and clutches. 

For some reasons, the first style didn't win my heart, but i do love the 2002 flat brass. 
The shape of these two styles is pretty much the same, the difference is in the leather, the hardware and the length of the shoulder strap. The flat brass bags have a longer strap which i love. I tried the first style in two colors, 06 lilac then 06 gris foncé, ended up selling both.

Gone first  

Coat : Maje
Boots : Charles Kammer
Bag : Balenciaga first

Gone second 

Leather jacket : Maje
Dress : Ange'
Shoes : 3 suisses
Bag : Balenciaga first

Another small Bal i loved and let go because i didn't use it at all. It's more boxy than the first style, it's called the Box, a style discontinued in 2006. I loved the leather, the color of this 06 Ink Box but it was too small for me as an everyday bag. Looking at these old mod pictures makes me nostalgic.

Top : Thai young designer
Cardigan : Kookaï
Jeans : 7 for mankind
Bag : Balenciaga box

Top : Jennifer
Pants : H&M
Bag : Balenciaga box

Another charming tiny Bal, 07 sandstone shoulder. I used to find it perfect for night outs and week-ends, i truly loved the color, the leather was buttery soft and smooth. But one day the flat brass showed up in my collection and i didn't bring this bag out again. That's why it went away from my home. 

Coat : MNG
Bag : Balenciaga Shoulder

Then the trials and errors went on and on with the Bal lovely clutches that made me drool and that i gave up because i just didn't know when to use them. The oval cognac, the marine GSH flat clutch, the anthracite make up

Pull-over : Balenciaga
Boots : Vintage
Clutch : Balenciaga Oval
Necklace : Silver Vintage necklace

Top : Bershka
Boots : Vintage
Clutch : Balenciaga Oval

Top : American Vintage
Cardigan : ZARA
Boots : Vintage
Clutch : Balenciaga Flat clutch

Violet top : Maje
Cardigan : Max
Boots : Vintage
Clutch : Balenciaga Make up

Nice skull bracelets from Chanael K

I didn't even know the existence of this brand until i saw this skull bracelets collection on a website. I like the simplicity of the bracelets and the subtleness of the skulls. Deadly chic !
I'm thinking about getting the one with the crown. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Online purchases of the day

I hate going shopping on saturday because there are too many people in the stores. So i decided to shop online and found a few nice items.

A summer dress : Stella Forest.

Shoes & summer dress : 3 suisses.


My Bal passion started in 2007, i made many trials and errors before finding out which styles or colors work for me. So here are the bags i tried and let go after giving them a try.
No regrets though, even if i feel a little nostalgic looking at all the pics of Balenciaga bags that have left my home. 
Starting with the Day style, i tried both GH and RH hardware but didn't feel comfortable carrying it. The bag is too deep, the single handle didn't work well on my shoulder. Too bad because i find this style great looking on other ladies.

Dress : 3 suisses
Shoes & necklac : H&M
Belt : Vintage
Bag : Balenciaga Day GSH

Skirt & tee : Bershka
Cardigan : H&M
Shoes & necklace : Vintage
Bag : Balenciaga Day GSH

Dress : Vintage
Bag : Balenciaga Day RH
Boots : Vintage

Another style i tried and didn't like that much was the Shopper. A  discontinued style with a lot of Balenciaga gorgeous leather. Too bad it didn't work on me because it's roomy, practical and cool. The straight top bothered me who love the slouchiness of Balenciaga bags as they break in. I wanted this style a second chance in black but someone else bought the bag before i did. 

Dress : Vintage
Shoes : 3 suisses
Bag : Balenciaga shopper

Then the Work style. I thought i loved this style and one day, i just looked at my mod pics and didn't like the boxy shape of it on me. So i parted with all the Works i owned.

Knitted dress & necklace : H&M
Boots : Vintage
Bag : Balenciaga work RH

Dress : 3 suisses
Bag : Balenciaga work GGH
Bracelet : Balenciaga 

Dress : ZARA
Bag : Balenciaga work GGH
Belt : Jennifer

Believe it or not, the iconic City style didn't work on me neither. I had to try this style since it's one of the Balenciaga's best sellers. But as i am a Part-time style lover, i found the City way too short looking on me, too square. But as always, i do love it on other girls, love when the bag slouches on both sides and in the middle. I loved how it look on me when worn with the shoulder strap. 

Tee : H&M
Tank : Vanessa Bruno
Leggings : American apparel
Bag : Balenciaga city RH

Almost forgot the Lilac City that i only kept for 2 days before returning it. The color was too sweet for me. Plus, i didn't like the leather of this bag, the distressing was too deep. 

Dress : Maje
Bag : Balenciaga city RH

Another trial with a black City GGH, found it stunning on a stylish lady and felt i had to have this combo. Finally let it go because i lost my love for GH bags and the city still felt a tad too short on me.

Dress : Rachel Rachel Roy
Bag : Balenciaga city GGH
Boots : Charles Kammer
Necklace : H&M
Belt : Jennifer

Fashion for a Super Doggy

Isn't this too cute? I love the SUPER DOG dress which creates a visual effect of the dog flying.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is here, hooray!

I took my flowery dress for a spin to celebrate the arrival of spring. Finally a warmer weather here and the sun came out for several days in a row. It is just lovely not wear multiple layers.

Dress : H&M
Clutch & bag & jacket : Balenciaga
Belt : Vintage

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The perfect grey for a BALENCIAGA perfecto

I fell in love with the 08 Bal grey biker jacket but didn't have the chance to get one. So now i pray everyday for Bal to bring back this beautiful light grey. 
When i saw this non biker style Bal jacket, my heart bounced, hoping that they had made a perfecto biker jacket in this color but not yet. Please Nicolas please, bring back the 08 grey with silver zippers. 

The holes are so IN !

Many cardigans and pull-overs come with laser cut holes this season. I am still deciding whether or not to jump in. This lovely grey is from

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I love Gorillaz & this live lounge version

Some of my favorite outfits

This Star Wars t-shirt from H&M is my all time favorite. i love to wear it with leggings, jeans, or even on vacation with a bikini underneath. 
Bag : Balenciaga part-time

My black dress from Vanessa Bruno. Simple yet feminine. 
Bag : Balenciaga part-time

A purple dress i got from a small shop in Paris, perfect for summer. 
Clutch : Balenciaga 

Isabel Marant did it again!

Another gorgeous design of IM boots, i'm lucky (my wallet actually) because the heels are way too high for me. But i love how these canvas boots look.