Monday, March 28, 2011


On GO WENT GONE part I, i didn't have time to list all the Balenciaga bags that have left my home. Here are some other Bals i ended up selling. Let's continue with small bags and clutches. 

For some reasons, the first style didn't win my heart, but i do love the 2002 flat brass. 
The shape of these two styles is pretty much the same, the difference is in the leather, the hardware and the length of the shoulder strap. The flat brass bags have a longer strap which i love. I tried the first style in two colors, 06 lilac then 06 gris foncé, ended up selling both.

Gone first  

Coat : Maje
Boots : Charles Kammer
Bag : Balenciaga first

Gone second 

Leather jacket : Maje
Dress : Ange'
Shoes : 3 suisses
Bag : Balenciaga first

Another small Bal i loved and let go because i didn't use it at all. It's more boxy than the first style, it's called the Box, a style discontinued in 2006. I loved the leather, the color of this 06 Ink Box but it was too small for me as an everyday bag. Looking at these old mod pictures makes me nostalgic.

Top : Thai young designer
Cardigan : Kookaï
Jeans : 7 for mankind
Bag : Balenciaga box

Top : Jennifer
Pants : H&M
Bag : Balenciaga box

Another charming tiny Bal, 07 sandstone shoulder. I used to find it perfect for night outs and week-ends, i truly loved the color, the leather was buttery soft and smooth. But one day the flat brass showed up in my collection and i didn't bring this bag out again. That's why it went away from my home. 

Coat : MNG
Bag : Balenciaga Shoulder

Then the trials and errors went on and on with the Bal lovely clutches that made me drool and that i gave up because i just didn't know when to use them. The oval cognac, the marine GSH flat clutch, the anthracite make up

Pull-over : Balenciaga
Boots : Vintage
Clutch : Balenciaga Oval
Necklace : Silver Vintage necklace

Top : Bershka
Boots : Vintage
Clutch : Balenciaga Oval

Top : American Vintage
Cardigan : ZARA
Boots : Vintage
Clutch : Balenciaga Flat clutch

Violet top : Maje
Cardigan : Max
Boots : Vintage
Clutch : Balenciaga Make up

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