Saturday, March 19, 2011

Let's start with my favorite brand : BALENCIAGA

I fell in love with this brand back in 2007, i must say that it had me at hello.
When i first touched the Bal leather, i knew that i had to have one of these gorgeous buttery bags. The question was, which style to start with, which color.
I tried many styles before purchase, a few colors and ended up with a neutral black bag, a 2007 black twiggy.
Needless to say that i didn't stop at my first bal. :-)
Pros and cons of the twiggy style :
I love the volume of this bag, big enough to fit everything i need for my everyday's life : 
a Make up clutch, a cellphone, a mini wallet, two coin purses, keys.
I like the fact that it has a shoulder strap but it always slips off my shoulder and the strap is too short to wear cross body.
In summer i prefer wearing it with the strap or handheld, the short handles make the bag hang too close to the armpit. 
Verdict : it's one of my favorite BALENCIAGA styles, i love the hotdog shape of this bag. When it gets soft and slouches on both ends, i find it really sexy.

Top : American Vintage
Necklace : H&M

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