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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bracelet & scarf

More shopping, i've been quite naughty this month. My wallet is screaming "Stoopppp spendinggggggggg!!" But i didn't listen to this silly noise. LOL
So here are two of my latest purchases (yes there are a few more to come),  Balenciaga Papyrus gsh Triple Tour bracelet & scarf.

Papyrus gsh TT & Sang gsh TT, i played with these two bracelets and created the never done before concept of Double Triple Tour !!!!!!!


  1. lovely bracelets!that grey one is awesome
    following you now,hope you do the same :)

  2. Thanks, i love the neutralness of the papyrus grey bracelet. Goes with almost everything. Im following you now too. :-) Love your shoes and outfits, cool & sexy. :-)