Friday, June 3, 2011

Balenciaga Part-time, one of my favorite styles

This East West shaped Balenciaga still has my heart. After trying several Bal styles, i come to the conclusion that the part-time suits me very well. I love the size, the roominess of it, the shoulder strap is also a big plus as i love to wear it with the strap as well. I own 2 colors which i adore, 09 sanguine and 09 anthracite. My only regret is that i haven't bought one in Galet. I took a spy pic a while ago at the Bal shop and looking at this pic, my regrets grow stronger. I really find this style great looking in this neutral color. 


  1. Yes, the part time is a precious style! I'd love to have one with RH. You're right, Galet was so beautiful, I said you that!

  2. you are right bella, the pt is a great style. galet looks good in this style but that one didn't have a leather that met my standard. and you know how much i am picky about the leather. :p