Monday, June 13, 2011

My friend's wedding at the Château Dior, J'ADORE

This week-end, I went to a small village near Cannes called Montauroux. My friend's wedding was held at the Château Dior, whose original name is Château de La Colle Noire a property of Christian Dior. The place was enchanting, a big mansion with a fish basin, a white tent for wedding dinner and a beautiful chapel where the religious ceremony was held.
The bride, my friend, was stunning. I really loved the place, reminds me of my own wedding which was also held in the South of France in a similar place.

The tables were named after designers, the was even a Balenciaga table

The beautiful bride

The macaroons wedding cake

The little Chapel 


Delicious Hors-d'oeuvre & a beautiful view


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  2. Wow, the place is amazing, love it. And also the buffet looks great, delicious! Sadly the bride pic is not so clear! Your was the Balenciaga table my love? You look fab. <3

  3. the buffet for the vin d'honneur (apéritif before dinner) was light and delicious. i was at the jean paul gaultier table, not Bal :p my friend did it on purpose to make me long for the Bal table. LOL

  4. Thanks antu chérie for your sweet words.

  5. these pics are stunning. how beautiful :)

  6. viki.andersoncooper@yahoo.comJune 20, 2011 at 3:22 PM

    i found the pix! they're gorgeous & you look stunning *M* <3 i can't wait for my vacation now :D xxx