Sunday, June 19, 2011

All the Balenciaga clutches i've owned and let go

I used to own many Balenciaga clutches, finally let many of them go because i do not have the occasion to use them. And the handheld clutches are not that subway friendly, too easy to grab by pickpockets. 
That is too bad because there are so many lovely styles and colors.

The 06 oval cognac 

06 Pale Rose Ghost 

07 Sandstone shoulder 

08 Marine Flat Clutch

08 Anthracite Make up 


  1. Can't believe you let the marine clutch go . . . that must've been sad!!!! You really do look great with every Balenciaga accessory!


  2. Thanks sweetie. I know, letting go a marine clutch was crazy but back then, i found the flat clutch too bulky, that's why i returned it. Then a couple of months ago, i gave this clutch a second try, had to chance to put my hands on a black gsh and really love it.
    By the way, im enjoying your blog so much, keep posting your gorgeous pics. :-)