Monday, June 13, 2011

Cannes the city of stars and Balenciaga

Since we took the TGV train in Cannes, we spent a few hours there, walking along the Croisette. I found the Cannes Balenciaga near the Matinez Hotel near Botega Veneta, Burberry, YSL and Jimmy Choo, the shop was closed because it was sunday, too bad. I could only take pics in front of the shop and saw a Lavande GSH pt which was on the display in side the shop along with some Bal luggages on the front display with the mini Bal first key fobs.
Of course, i did take a pic on the red carpet, like everyone, a must when one is in Cannes.

Toffee sculptures, very graphic and fun

The famous Carlton Hotel

The Cannes Balenciaga shop, very high end, love the avant-garde style building

More original sculptures along La Croisette 


  1. I came back to visit just in time for some more amazing pictures. They are all so beautiful. I can NOT get over the difference between the Balenciaga store-front in your pictures from Cannes and the one in NYC! Like two completely different worlds.
    Lori (aka shamrock)

  2. Thanks lori for your sweet comments. This architecture isn't a Bal only building. There were other brands next to bal with the same store-front, only the logo changed from YSL to Jimmy Choo, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, etc... I hope one day i'll have the chance to see Bal NYC in person. The bal stores are all so different. The George V shop doesn't have the same store-front as Cannes, neither does the Bal men's shop in Paris.

  3. Hi my Love, I'm enjoying your pics! I love the Bal luggages, and the little bags dangling on them are so cute! Oh, and the second pic is my property you have to pay the rights... LOL :D
    Kisses, your Cath. :P

  4. ha ha, i know, you are catherine deneuve version italienne. :p
    the mini first key fobs are cute, but not that useful. LOL it's about the size of a mini coin purse so quite big for a key fob IMO. :-)

  5. I love your Cannes pics! And this is the first time I see pics of the Bal Cannes store, how cool it looks! I really hope I get to visit that store one day. Keep up the good work with your blog M :)

  6. thanks *A* for your kind words, you have to come back to france again, paris then cannes. :p