Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beautiful maxi dress from ZARA

This dress is simply gorgeous, love the print and the colors, very feminine and classy.
I must try it on, maybe it'll fit my huge belly otherwise i'll have to wait after giving birth before being able to wear it.

Yes pregnancy outfits can be à la mode !

Until about 5 months, I have been wearing normal dresses, the loose cut ones from ZARA were ok. Then after that, my belly grew bigger and bigger and the normal dresses were all too short in the front so i couldn't fight it anymore. Luckily, i found trendy items on a few websites, ASOS is one of them. They have maternity skinny jeans, boyfriend style jeans, leggings, nice summer dresses, and even breast feeding tops which actually look good. 
For spring & summer, i would suggest that you wear leggings as the slim jeans can be very suffocating if you have water retention problems like me. Jeans are not my legs' best friends especially when it's getting warmer and warmer. Dresses are what i like most during my pregnancy winter or summer, am still wearing them until the very last month, nothing beats nice and comfy dresses.

Here are a few nice items i like on ASOS :