Saturday, May 21, 2011

Balenciaga Bangkok spy pics

I was on holiday in Thailand for 3 weeks. Starting with Bangkok, I went to the Paragon department store, a stunning place with all the brand name shops & luxury products and stopped at the Balenciaga shop. There weren't many bags on display, i saw a white bow style, some vélo, first and GH works but the price in Bangkok is much higher than in Paris. It felt great to enter a Bal boutique even when i'm on holiday. There were a few one tour bracelets, an Olive 2010 with RGGG, two Vert Menthe, GSH and RRGH. I loved the Vert Menthe ones, the color is very nice. The SA was with me all the time so i couldn't take any spy pics. 

White Tee : H&M
Cardigan : Warehouse
Skirt : Bershka
Shoes : 3 suisses
Bag : Balenciaga

Here are a few pics of the Paragon department store and the other department stores near it. This neighborhood is filled with big shopping centers with clothes boutiques and restaurants. 
There were so many of them that i didn't know what to buy, it was almost too tiring to look at everything. 

There was a cute giant rubber duck in pink & green stripes, too cute. 
I had to take a pic with it. 

Some cute shops at Central World, very "Kawaii"

The cutest cupcakes ever, too pretty to be eaten. 

I spotted this thai brand at the Siam Center, Fly Now, which had a stunning and unique window display. The clothes are original too and quite expensive converted to Euros. 

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  1. Hey, I saw that duck too. so cute. :)