Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thai food and chili, a long love story

One of the MUST DO things in Thailand is to taste the several kinds of food there. Not only the Thai spicy dishes which are my favorite but also the great desserts, ice-creams, Japanese taipan, Chinese dim sum and sukiyaki and so on... Eating is one of the main hobbies in Thailand. Restaurants and desserts & ice-cream shops are full all day. There are so many varieties of food and desserts. I didn't have enough time to taste them all, i love Thai food the best. The Pad Thai is a must when you go there and the sweet mango served with sticky rice as well.

Thai fried rice Kao Pad with chicken  

With shrimps served with fish sauce and sliced chili

Thai Noodles with pork and fish balls with spicy dip, yum. 

I ate great noodles in this restaurant which mascot is an angry pig. :-)

MK is my favorite sukiyaki restaurant. 
You plunge raw meat and seafood in the boiling water and add vegetables noodles to the soup. If you are not a fan of sukiyaki, they also serve great roasted pork and duck. 
It's a fun and delicious food. 

The famous & delicious Pad Thai

Food decoration is an art there.  

Busy cooks preparing delicious Dim sums.

Great food at the Greyhound Café, the Emporium department store

Vietnamese shrimps spring rolls

You can even have great Italian pastas there

I ate the most wonderful Thai dishes in the North of Thailand

Here's the Tom Yam Kung, shrimp spicy soup

Tom Kha Kai coconut with herbs and chicken soup and fried cashew nuts with chicken

One of my favorite, Lab Kai, spicy minced chicken salad

Minced chicken with basil leaves with rice, Pad Kra Pao

Fried chicken in banana leaves

Fried rice with sweet pork and salted eggs, Kao Pad Nam Prik Long Rua

Benihana Japanese Steakhouse at the Marriott Resort & Spa 
There's a chef cooking right in front of us the fish or meat and vegetables.
A fun and tasty meal that entertained us during a dinner time. 

Now ready for dessert?

Still at Benihana, sticky rice with mango and vanilla ice-cream 

The traditional version of the delicious mango & sticky rice

Green tea Ice Cream & Chocolate Hot Fudge at Swensen's

Delicious Pain Perdu with banana and vanilla ice-cream at the Central World

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