Saturday, June 18, 2011

Balenciaga jacket updates

I saw two lovely colors today with silver zips. Bordeaux is a tad redder than i expected, depends on the light, a nice wine color and eggplant  is a beautiful pop violet, reminds me of the 04 eggplant. 


  1. Oh my gosh M, you got to try the new moto jackets already, I'm so jealous!! You wear them so well. I love the bordeaux, it's looks absolutely stunning on you! The eggplant is really nice too. Are you getting any of them?

  2. yes, i had the chance to try them on, i liked bordeaux but the 36 felt loose on me like a 38, how odd. they didn't have 34 for me to try on. but i think i will get bored with these colors quickly. i'd rather wait for a black with silver zips, see if it works on me or not. or wait until bal reissue the 08 grey with silver zips. ha ha, not sure if that is going to happen.