Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Bals You Are Beautiful !

The Weekender is the biggest size of all Balenciaga handheld bags. When i got my Vert Foncé Weekender which is no longer mine, i found it huge on me. But once the corners slouch down, the bag looks more compact, less like a flat screen under the arm. :p
The Weekender has so much of the gorgeous Bal leather, a very pettable bag. :-)

This Vert Foncé Weekender has gone to a new loving home. It's one of the best leather i've ever touched.

Top : Kookaï
Skirt : Bershka
Necklace : H&M
Bag : Balenciaga

Dress : An'ge
Belt : H&M
Boots : Charles Kammer
Bag : Balenciaga

This 03 black Weekender is still with me, i love it to pieces, a keeper for sure.

Dress : Warehouse
Bag & Bracelet : Balenciaga
Sunnies : Tom Ford

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