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Friday, January 27, 2012

Can't get enough of the Dickers

Here are two more colors from this season, camel and taupe (darker than last season's taupe). I saw the these two colors at the shop and really liked them. 

^^ Camel 

^^ This season's Taupe. 
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  1. Hey "Del" from TPF :) this is Kiwishopper!
    These Isabel Marants booties are probably out of my league but I'd love to own an pair one day! I bet they are comfy? They look so versatile too (I currently own a "inspired" version from DV by Dolce Vita)

    1. They are very comfy !!! One of the most comfy boots i've ever worn. I can walk around for hours without any pain. They had a few pairs on mytheresa and net-a-porter, check them out.