Saturday, August 13, 2011

A new member of my Bal family

I am almost Bal content (i think :p) but i couldn't resist to this besace style which came out in 08 and has been discontinued the year after. I love the simplicity of this style, no bunny ears, only one pair of tassels hanging on the front zipper. I also love the hand free option, such a cool style IMO. The color is called charbon, nothing like charcoal grey which is its french meaning but a chocolate brown that has some mauve in it. I am in love. 

Special thanks to Corey, you are the best.

 Leather jacket : Naf Naf
Jean : H&M
Scarf : Balenciaga

Scarf : ZARA
Tunique : Rachel Rachel Roy
Bag : Balenciaga besace


  1. Nice addition to your lovely Bal family! It suits you really well. Many congrats:)

  2. Thanks sweet *A*, i really enjoy carrying this style, my favorite with the 03 hobo at the moment. :-)