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Friday, August 12, 2011

A few cool things from ZARA's new collection

The new collection has arrived on the ZARA website, just checked it out and found some cool stuffs : a thin leather jacket, some cute dresses and a leopard print scarf.


  1. Hi! I came across your entry about the balenciaga papyrus bracelet. How would you describe the papyrus colour? More grey or more beige? As I'm thinking of getting the town in papyrus & wish to know more bout the colour! Thanks! (:

  2. It's a grey with a taupish tone in it, some bags are a tad greener than others. You can do a search for more pics of papyrus on the balenciaga subforum on the purse forum. My bracelet is definitely grey with a taupe undertone. Not a true beige color, more on the grey side. Hope this help.

  3. Thanks! (: Would you recommend a Town in papyrus given your balenciaga knowledge? I have a City Giant & a Classic First. I'm keen on the Twiggy but I do want a bag that I can carry at the shoulders with the handle.

  4. It depends on what kind of bag you are looking for. The town is higher than the first, can fit more, smaller than the city. With the town you can have the cross body option but the bag hangs quite low on the hips because the strap is really long. I am a twiggy lover, i can wear it over the shoulder but not over a thick coat. The shoulder strap is shorter than the town's, it can't be worn cross body. If you can fit all you need in the first, then the town should be fine for you in terms of size. About the length of the strap, some ladies double it to make it shorter because for some, it's really too long. Check the town style on tpf and you'll see how long the strap goes.