Sunday, April 21, 2013

More pics of Lisboa

After climbing up the steep stairs from the Plaça da Figueira to the Castelo do Sao Jorge, we turned left and got lost for a little while until we saw the church above. Luckily there was a guard of an employees' entrance of the castle park who gave directions to tourists who can't find the main entrance. So we walked through this incredible red door with a stunning suspended moss covered sculpture that led to the castle's main entrance. 

The Castelo da Sao Jorge has a stunning view over Lisbon city. There are old canons displayed in the park and many narrow paths to walk around the castle's fortification. For those who have vertigo it's not that pleasant to walk around and look down.
The paths are about 3 meters from the ground.

From the Castelo do Sao Jorge, we walked down a street and found a restaurant called "Chapito" a circus school that also serves food, the waiters are the school's students.
Food was nice, fish in papillote, pana cota served in a wine glass, original and delicious.
The best part of the restaurant is its view on the roofs of Lisboa.
The lunch menu is about 20 euros entrée main course dessert a glass of wine and coffee, the price is much more expensive at night.

Then we walked back to the Castelo do Sao Jorge and took another street down to a nice plaça with a great view on the sea. There was a beautiful little white church there, not the Graça church but a smaller one with a Portugese style tiles on the side. 
The yellow tram N°28 stops at this view point.

About 10 minutes' walk from there, we went up to Graça church, following 
an indication sign post. Next to the Graça, there was a beautiful façade 
with turquoise blue tiles of the Villa Sousa. 
And again, a stunning view over Lisbon and the Castelo San Jorge.

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