Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My favorite food

The Japanese Bento is simply beautiful and delicious. There are any flavors in one dish, and it's healthy. There's one great Japanese Bento restaurant in Paris called Kokoya, rue Batignolles. The owner is a nice & sweet Japanese woman. The place is tiny but really worths the try. 

Korean Bibimbab is also something i adore. This one is from the Soho area in London. 
Truly delicious.

One of the best Dim Sums i've had in London, at the Royal China, near Queensway Station.
The crispy duck was also a delish, not as light as the Dim Sums but very tasty.


  1. Looks so yummy M, I love japanese food. I've only tried dim sum a couple of times, but really loved that too.

  2. I love dim sums, in London they were REALLY great. :p I keep drooling looking at these pictures. Japanese food are healthy and yummy.

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