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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Back to London

I've been there last December and here i am again, in London. The weather is far better than in December, warm and sunny weather during my 2 weeks' stay there. The sky was blue, leather weather, so many exhibitions to see there. Let's start with the Hyde Park neighborhood. Have you noticed anything new in my mod pic ? 
You got it right, my brand new Igor bag. :p Such a practical bag for London.


  1. Lovely pictures of London. Glad the weather is so nice there! :)

  2. Thanks kiwi, the weather was surprisingly warm, it made me fall in love with London even more.

  3. great pictures bella and your dreyfuss bag is great on you , looks so pillowy!! love the bal jacket too fiore

  4. Thanks bella *F*, it's pillowy indeed.